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Access control and Time Attendance Management System

What's Access control and Time Attendance Management System?
Access control and Time Attendance Management System It includes four systems: Personal Management, Device Management, Attendance Management, and Access Control Management. And it continues improving
Features of technology:
• Equipped with interactive smart device of Personal Management
• Have the ability to handle asynchronous operation of Device Management
• With the intelligent real-time control functions of Access Control Management
• Able to perform some intelligent statistics, tips, feedback Attendance Management
• With abnormal follow-up system, the collapse of protection, smart data backup system maintenance

Who has access where, when, and for how long?
This question is answered by our integrated solution to access control. Protect your buildings, premises or assets against unauthorized entry or access. This requires intelligent products that are integrated as components in systems and processes.
With us, you put into practice these innovative solutions that permit authorized persons unhindered access and in return uncompromisingly refuse access to unauthorized persons.



CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV Surveillance Systems: Advances in Technology are Improving CCTV applications

Recent fatal accidents in Britain and other various countries could possibly have been avoided if one or two closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras had been located at the crossing. In recent years, railway stations have become as vulnerable as airports to vandalism, other petty crime, drug dealing and, even acts of terrorism. The devastating incidents at three stations in Madrid in March 2004 are a shocking example of unprovoked terrorist attack. To curb these incidents and ensure passenger safety, CCTV surveillance systems have long been employed by railways, both above-ground and underground.
Over recent years, however, the use of CCTV surveillance systems has steadily increased for detection and crime prevention. Modern technology has led to numerous, sophisticated advances in CCTV surveillance system hardware and software components.
CCTV surveillance systems used for monitoring positions in and around rail stations can be quite numerous, depending on the size of the station. The strategic points where CCTV surveillance system cameras may be located are decided by both the purpose of the CCTV surveillance system and by budget. Generally, the key requirements are based on observation and control of passenger traffic, passenger and staff safety, control of train traffic schedules, and trespassing and crime observation and prevention. These requirements and the actual monitoring locations determine what types of CCTV surveillance system cameras will be employed.

CCTV surveillance the Paradigm Has Changed

With the massive changes technology has brought to CCTV surveillance systems over the last half decade, organizations are now putting more eyes on their facilities and grounds than dreamed possible only five years ago. Such improvements aren't the bastion of any one supplier or integrator. The cost of cameras and equipment are lower across the board.
Concerns about theft, security, vandalism, and a rash of other issues have led organizations across the nation to want and need CCTV surveillance systems to see what is happening on their grounds and in their facilities. The need today, more than ever, is to help customers and clients eliminate problems before they start. Whether concerned with personnel safety or avoiding theft and vandalism, management has learned that guards on patrol are simply not enough. More eyes are needed and wanted.