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Computer Networking Installations
Computer network installation has become an essential prerequisite for any efficient modern-day business as it allows employees to truly work as a team by sharing information, accessing the same database and staying in touch constantly. For a computer network to give the best results, a lot of detailed planning and foresight is required before installation.
Firstly, an organization needs to clearly define its requirements - how many people would use the network, how many would use it locally (within the office) and how many might require remote access (from a different location), how many computers and other devices (servers, printers, scanners) would be connected to the network, what are the needs of the various departments and who would be in charge of running/managing the network. It also helps if one can anticipate the direction the company would take in the near future so potential growth can be factored in during computer network installation.
The technology issues should also be ironed out in advance - hardware, software, servers, switches, back-up devices, cables and network operating systems. Make sure you have the required licenses to run the software on all your machines before installing a computer network. Alongside computer network installation should precede the building of a dedicated technical support staff, either within your own organization or outside consultants. Delegate responsibility clearly for network management. Before installing the network, you also need to choose the security mechanism to protect corporate data and keep viruses at bay.
The transition to a new or upgraded computer network can bring some teething problems. To minimize chances of confusion, the company might need to train its staff to make them familiar with the new system. Careful planning will to a large extent prevent crises like system downtime and network crashes.
Perfect Computer System
provides a complete "end to end" network design and installation service from the initial site survey & performance requirement determination, through cabling installation, network infrastructure hardware installation & configuration, server & client PC installation, client software & applications software installation, to the final commissioning, testing and documentation of the completed network installation..
Site Survey:
A cabling engineer will attend site and document the physical and environmental characteristics of the site and establish the network performance and cabling installation requirements.
Network Design:
Network topology & infrastructure hardware are specified to meet agreed performance and environmental requirements.
Network Cabling Installation:
In collaboration with selected partner companies, where necessary, supply and install structured cabling systems for data, & voice if required.
Network Infrastructure Hardware Installation:
Patch Panels, Hubs, Switches & Routers, supplied, installed configured to meet operational requirements.
Server Installation & Client PC Installation:
Server Hardware and Server Software installed and configured as per agreed requirements. Client Applications Software installed as per standard install procedures, customized to particular requirements.
Installation Hand-over:
Once the installation has been completed to the customer's satisfaction, the documentation is handed over and the necessary support agreements put into place.
Hardware &software
PCS focus on after sales service for the ultimate achievement of clients maxi mate satisfaction has been the main determinant
In designing PCS organizational structure more than 80% of
The company’s technical staff is involved in after sales service
And support function the structure has been carefully set up to lead client through all stages of contracting for the purpose of establishing.
Perfect computer system provides a comprehensive program for those involved in or interested I career in information technology
This commitment to the continuing education of IT professional
Is reflective of our support of people and business though the community we serve.
Network Establishment & Security
Perfect computer system provides network solutions to all it’s company clients through internet service and enterprises for delivery of voice, data applications to their customers or employees, perfect computer system brings its leading position in UTP and wireless broadband network, application and services, to help it’s partner and customer build a user-centric broadband world and provide it with the efficient security solution.
Network & computers maintenance
Our vision then was to establish a network of skilled , reliable independent connection across the market which could meet the maintenance and repair needs of multi-site retailers efficiently and skillfully… and give customer a single point of contact for getting service , no matter where it was needed , over the years, we broadened our services beyond all expectations , UTP , fiber optics and wireless to match the needs of the marketplace , no company has ever challenged our leadership in what has become a dream of our efficiency growing all the way up , nor has anyone ever challenged our ability to deliver on our service promise to our customers.