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Backup & Data Recovery

Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Recover Anywhere Onsite/Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution
Do you have servers running on our network, with critical data, applications and services? Are you a business that needs to maintain critical server and applications uptime? Do you need to have a plan in place for server and network outages, or site disasters?

If you answered yes to these questions, our Recover Anywhere solution is right for you. Our hybrid onsite/cloud service will ensure your critical services are protected in case of a local or a site wide outage, allowing your staff to continue to work even if your office is no longer operational

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Plan
A Business Contingency Plan protects your business. Perfect Computer System provides;
• Automated online backup systems
• Peace of mind with data recovery in a disaster
• Acronis Backup and Data Recovery which is EASY to perform!
• Bank level security for transmission of computer data over the internet
• PCI DSS security compliant systems
• Bit locker encrypted storage servers to protect data
• Secure FTP transmission of confidential computer data over the internet
• SSL certificate security on your ecommerce website
• Firewalls
• Cisco products
Perfect Computer System is a Sophos Gold partner

Business Disaster Recovery requires Data Recovery Backup Software
Computer crash, one in three computers will fail in 5 years. Data protection requires a daily backup onsite and offsite. The screen of death on a business computer can cause more than frustration. Failure to daily backup computer data files can destroy a business. Business contingency planning is serious business.
How much of your business’ value is stored inside your computer? Data protection and data recovery needs to include your databases, files, templates, emails, reports and accounts. How much would it cost your business to lose your data just for a day, a week or forever?

Data Backup & Data Recovery System Software is Essential
Don’t risk your business without a regular server and hard drive backup! Business contingency planning ensures disaster recovery of your computer data. The main reasons existing business data recovery backup software fail are;
• the business has never installed a data backup!
• they are ineffective in data recovery
• backup software is not properly installed
• onsite hard drive backups are stolen or damaged
• essential databases & information miss the backup system
• data recovery backup files are not monitored or tested for weeks or months

Online Backup & Data Recovery needs Secure Transmission
Online backup software provides an offsite backup of data in case of theft or fire. It has the advantage of automatically taking copies off your data offsite, instead of someone having to remember to take a tape or drive each day. But be warned about online backups. Your computer data needs to be secured if there is any confidential or business critical information being transferred during both online backup and data recovery. Make sure it uses SSL encryption to transfer the data to the backup centre over the internet.