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Increasingly many businesses around the World now realise that Information Technology is a key strategic component for business continuity and sustained competitive advantage. Traditionally IT companies are blindly focused on the technology, satisfying their own technological achievements, however not realising that IT must be complementing and in line with a business strategic and operational plans. This has created a large vacuum between the technology solutions on offer for non IT savvy organisations and their business needs.

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We deliver and maintain the IT system. Specialising in order related Xerox products, Hpand Xerox toners and HP work stations..

QNB Bank

Establishment and installing all network equipments related to new branches and renovation of the other old branches..

Johnson Controls

We delivered the service that we do at every maintenance date: Cleaning of panels, Circuit board check, Fan lubrication, Filter Cleaning, Lamp Life Check ..

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Dayem Group

 PCS designed is Dayem Meats manufacturing Group ...

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  • Windows/ Mobile Applications
  •    Security and protection system for companies
  • Wireless Technology Specialist
  • Server Administrator
  • Creating web applications
  • Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Enterprise Support Technician
  • Creating and design publish magazines
  • Creating professional company profile videos

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